Flower of the Dawn City


Surrounded by wealth and opulence, with auburn hair and lambent green eyes, the lady Raelyn is known as the vibrant flower of the Dawn City, which is the first place that one comes to when traveling into the rising sun from the Eternal City. She stays always just ahead of the front of fashion, and is known in that city to be one who can dispense great blessings… or great misfortune depending on her attitude to the person in question.

Lives in a beautiful mansion that is more than large enough for comfortable living and entertaining, but is not a titanic eyesore. Has a number of house servants, and for guards she has ‘Blood Companions’, who agreed to serve her unto their death in combat in exchange for saving their families from some ill fortune or faction of the Eternal Court. She has a number of businesses that she owns, most of them fashion oriented, and spends a lot of time in the Court of Dawn and the Eternal Court, with occasional trips out into the many worlds.


A Day in the Life

  • Sunrise: Wake up, stretch out against last night’s lover, and take a few precious moments of comfort before rising.
  • Early Morning: Bathe, have hair and makeup done by maids while Druce, the butler, reads yesterday’s correspondence, drink coffee.
  • Morning: Dressed by maids, go over today’s schedule and what parties are being held in the Eternal and Dawn courts with Druce.
  • Late Morning: Eat breakfast, dictate answers to yesterday’s letters.
  • Early Afternoon: Go out in the city, visit businesses.
    • Event: Very dissapointed in the dress designs at dressmaker’s shop. Current manager simply not able to understand today’s fashion. Notice that apprentice’s designs seem to be much better. Leave shop, but sign to a Blood Companion to remain behind and strangle manager, congratulate Apprentice on her new shop.
  • Afternoon: Take interview for new Blood Companion. Man served a lord of the Eternal Court, and now his family is targeted. Seems like a decent warrior. Agree to relocate family to a peaceful world, seal Blood-pact.
    • Note: Have Druce make a note that the new Companion’s former lord will be slightly less well disposed to self. Resolve to introduce him to someone young and pretty to distract him.
  • Late Afternoon: Eat Lunch at nice restaurant in Eternal City, catch up on gossip, get slightly drunk with friends.
  • Early Evening: Return home, prepare clothes and makeup for evening entertainments. Listen to Liselle, the spymistress’s report on Dawn and Eternal politics.
  • Evening: Go to the Court of Dawn, attend Lord Redelle’s ball. Spot Lady Tiana, whom I hate. Flirt shamelessly with her companion for the evening. Laugh heartily with friends when she loses control and screams like a shrew.
  • Late Evening: Pay my respects to the host, offer condolences on the recent loss of his wife. Pretend not to notice that the lord’s eyes are only watery when he dabs them with onion-scented handkerchief.
  • Night: Leave ball before it becomes stale. Go to a Night Parlor with friends, get very drunk. Hit on cute waiter, have no intention of taking him home.
  • Late Night: Escorted home by Blood Companions, along with waitress from Night Parlor. Noticed she was being beaten by proprietor. Offer her a position in my household. Consider killing proprietor but decide it would be too expensive.
  • The Witching Hour: Witch.
  • Very Late Night: Enjoy foot massage from Druce, no lover tonight. Sip mild tea while Liselle plays the harp. Bed.


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