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Within the Eternal City is a great Font from which a sea of Aether flows. This Aether spreads outwards between the worlds. Any who have survived bathing in this font may brave these seas and travel between worlds. Those who move between worlds call themselves Eternals, for barring violent death they will likely live forever. However violence among Eternals is all too common.

The blood that runs through an Eternal’s carries within it great power. When an eternal dies a great amount of power is released, that may be harnessed. One who walks among worlds must ever be wary. Those who are out of favor with the Eternal City must find protection from somewhere, for the unprotected may be hunted with impunity. Within the Eternal City lists of those who are out of favor are posted.

Even with protection life as an eternal is dangerous. Dueling is common, and vendetta’s spring from nowhere. For thousands of years Eternals have explored the sea of worlds, many carving out small empires of there own far from the Eternal City. However in recent times something has changed, the Aether sea grows more turbulent. More and more Eternals go missing, their last blood unclaimed. The Eldest Eternals, those who first found this place grow ever more violent, waging vendetta’s between them.

Some whisper that the end of the Eternal city may be nearing. That the signs point to doom and dark times, but these portents are ignored for nothing has ever seriously threatened the Eternal City. The signs must be a lie.

Mustn’t they?

Eternals: The Sea of Worlds

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