Campaign Players Setting Rules

The web is outside of both the sea of worlds and the worlds themselves. Nobody is certain where it came from, or exactly what it is. Whatever it is, it overlays reality like a blanket, seeming to connect to all things somewhere. Web users have learned to cast strands out, to locate people and places at long distances, to communicate, and in some cases even to enter the web itself. Whenever an Eternal uses the web they must be careful, for within that infinite blankness strange entities lurk, many of which hunger to leave. Web’s primary attribute is cunning for directing Strands, and Will for mental conflict.

Rank 1
Strands may be cast out, to seek out familiar minds or places. When a strand reaches a destination it may gain an impression of what is going on, as well as attempt to communicate mentally. Rank 1 also allows a person to block oneself off, making it more difficult to communicate.

Rank 2
The web user is now able to render nearly invisible to other strands. Unless the person casting outwards is extremely close. In addition the web user gains the ability to create “Tangles”, or a net of strands which can be left in an area to trap anyone who searches with web, or be cast upon a sought after target.

Rank 3
The web user may now enter the web itself, and move along an already cast strand. This is very dangerous for if the strand is interfered with they may be trapped within the Web until another person is successfully found. An eternal may bring others who are brave enough to trust him into the web as well.


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