Campaign Players Setting Rules

Tides is the ability to navigate the sea of Aether between worlds. All Eternals who have bathed in the Font in the Eternal City have this power. The most important attribute for Tides is Will for shaping and forcing Aether.

Rank 1
The character may enter and exit worlds, but only at the Nexus, which is the meeting point between the Aether Sea and the world. They are able to move in the Aether, with a sort of intuitive feel of where the nearest world lies.

Rank 2
The character may now enter and leave the Aether at any point in a world. The character can feel the currents within the Aether, and to an extent use them to speed his travel between worlds. Aether may now be formed into physical shapes that will maintain there form as long as the Eternal focuses upon it.

Rank 3
Aether may now be given lasting form, allowing the creation of objects and locations within the Aether. The Eternal may also direct the tides, it is at this rank that the great Aether Ships that may move supplies etc between worlds are built.


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