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Children of the Empress
For a time an Empress ruled the Eternal City, she was the first eternal and she gave birth to many children. Some of whom still live today. This is not an exhaustive list, but merely the oldest eternals who have been encountered in one shots. There are hundreds of eternals, far too many to list.

  • Alexandria- A warrior woman, and one of two leaders of the Conclave of Shadows.
  • Beyl- A fierce warrior, an important figure in the Eternal City.
  • Dorian- A dour man, often seen in the Eternal City.
  • Corvina- One of two leaders of the Conclave of Shadows. Dark haired and beautiful.
  • Meric- Known as the mad, a wanderer who has not been seen in many years.
  • Merlin- The youngest child of the Empress, he has made his home upon a place called Earth.
  • Thomas- The eldest eternal, known to be a wanderer. Rarely encountered.
  • Rodrick- A militant man, head of the Argent Circle

Other Eternals of Note

  • Selene (Lady of Dawn)
  • Magnus- A green robed man with a skull topped staff. The skull is known to chatter.
  • Victor- A tall swordsman and duelist.


Eternal City The eternal city holds the Fount of power and is ruled over by a council of Eternals. All Eternals have made at least one trip to the eternal city, to bathe in the font and gain their birthright.

Shadow Courts A court in exile for those who find the Eternal City not to their taste. The conclave of shadows is Ruled by Corvina and Alexandria, who each take 7 year turns ruling. Many who lose favor in the Eternal City (a relatively easy thing to do) turn to the Shadow Courts for protection. The world Vamkoth is accessible from within the court.

Argent Circle A militaristic order who make it their business to hunt down and kill things deemed to be a threat to Eternals. Generally speaking this means Void Walkers amongst the Aether Sea or Web Creatures that have escaped. The Argent Circle is constantly exploring outwards, seeking new realms.


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