Campaign Players Setting Rules

Character Creation

Playing the Game


  • Will- Mental strength, useful for most powers.
  • Prowess- Ability with weapons.
  • Beauty- Physical beauty and grace.
  • Cunning- Sneakiness and guile.
  • Strength- Physical strength and martial
  • Hit Points- The total of all your attributes
  • Defense- One-half your Prowess, rounded down; minimum of 1
  • Vim- A measure of your supernatural power, as acquired from other Eternals; you heal hit points equal to your Vim per day
  • Fate- Spend a Fate point to add your Vim to any roll


Simple and fast versions of powers. There are ranks above 3 of course, and I would like to see branching power trees at some point, but we’ll see.


  • Retainer- A companion who aids the player
  • Artifact- A mystical item.
  • Status- Rank with a faction.
  • Nexus- Somehow your character has control of a Nexus, (portal to a world).
  • Sponsor- An Ancient Eternal who views the character favorably.
  • Specialty- While Eternals are good at most things they do, some are exceptional. Specialties are generally only purchased with one or two ranks. Example Specialties might be Horseback riding, or Computers. (In Testing…Previous Eternals Games lacked Specialties)
  • Resources- Physical resources of some kind or another. (Basically anything not covered above)


Eternals: The Sea of Worlds AshenHaze ZorkFox