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Eterrnals uses pools of six sided dice to determine the success of an action. The pools are generated from the character’s attributes with additional dice added or subtracted depending upon the difficulty of the task. All of the dice are then rolled with fives and sixes being counted as successes. The number of successes determine how effective the action was.

Each attribute has a modifier, which is equal to one half of that skill rounded down. The modifier for each attribute is used in different circumstances.

The Will modifier has two uses, its primary use is as the character’s resistant to magical effects. The will modifier removes dice from the agressor’s pool equal to the will modifier. In some cases the will modifier will also add directly to the successes of a mystical ability.

The prowess modifier is called the character’s defense rating, and is used as the difficulty for all attacks against the character. For example, a character with 5 prowess has a defense rating of 2, so all attacks against that character are rolled with 2 less dice. This defense rating is reduced by 1 for each additional attack against the character.

A character’s grace modifier is used in only a few situations. The most likely use is if someone is attempting to slander or defame the character, destabilizing their position at court.

The character’s cunning modifier is used to resist attempts to “unsneak” the character. For example, if another character is attempting to spot a hiding character, their cunning modifier would be subtracted from the attempt.

Strength is uses as the defensive rating in unarmed combat. It is most commonly used as an addition to the number of successes in melee attacks for strength based weapons. Strength is also used to determine how much damage a character can take.

Armor is based on a character’s equipment and is subtracted directly from the rating of a character’s wound.

When a character takes damage he takes a wound equal in rating to the number of successes minus their armor rating. Wounds under the character’s strength rating count as minor wounds, wounds less than twi

Playing the Game

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