Campaign Players Setting Rules

Some externals have learned to gather there personal energy and will to cause others to feel things they would not otherwise feel, see things differently than they may actually be. These glamours are not spells, but a matter of concentration. Glamours use beauty and will and are generally resisted by cunning.

Rank 1
The glamour user may wrap him or herself in a glamour causing others to see them as a creature of awe. An eternal wrapped in an Awe Glamour will usually be ignored. This glamour has almost no effect if the eternal is behaving physically aggressively.
In addition the eternal may cause sounds to come from various locations, such as horns in the distance or rustling in the bushes. Voices are possible but difficult.

Rank 2
The eternal may now surround themself in an aura of fear, causing foes to flee before them for they appear terrifying to them. This does not render them incapable of defending themselves, but does put them at a certain disadvantage.
Basic illusions may now be created, such as hiding a door or causing something to appear other than what it is. These illusions are best if there is little movement.

Rank 3
An aura of command may now be used, and people will instinctively obey the Eternal’s commands. The more unlikely the command the shorter the effect. Commanding a guard to turn on his friend will be less likely to succeed then telling him to take a break.
Feelings may now be added to illusions, causing an illusion to feel appropriate. The simpler the feeling desired the more effective this is. A common use of this is to create illusions of fire that feel hot.


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