Blood Rituals

Campaign Players Setting Rules

An Eternal’s blood has power, and many Eternals have learned to harness this power. By spilling blood and speaking an invocation a variety of effects may be accomplished. The more powerful the effect the more blood must be spilled. Both will and strength are important for Blood Rituals, Will to force the ritual upon a target and Strength to better handle the loss of Blood that comes with Blood Rituals.

Rank 1

Ritual of Binding
A ritual of binding may be performed between two parties who have made an agreement. If either party breaks the agreement they find themselves cursed. This is one of the most common uses of blood ritual.

The ritual of binding is performed to seal an arrangement and requires agreement on both parts. Breaking the ritual results in whichever party who broke it becoming cursed. The blood ritualist rolls Will to determine the curses strength. In conflicts rolls by that character are reduced by the number successes. The duration of the curse is determined by the Vim of the ritual performer.

Tracking Ritual
Another common ritual is a tracking ritual, which may only be used if the blood of the target has been spillt. For several hours the eternal will be able to sense the distance and direction of a target.

Cost 1 HP per usage. The blood ritualist rolls will power with the difficulty modified by how much blood was spillt. For each success the ritualist can sense the target’s direction for one hour.

No Damage: Not possible
1-3 Damage: 2 Difficulty
4-6 Damage: 1 Difficulty
7-9 Damage: No Difficulty

Larger amounts of damage may get bonuses per GM’s discretion.

Rank 2


Curses may now be invoked upon targets. A blood curse is generally something mental or energy related, several common curses include thing such as “May your spirit fail in danger”, or “Let pain fill you.” Curses generally have an immediate and noticeable effect. Multiple targets may be selected for a curse.

Blood Boil: (Damage Curse)
Cost 1+

The ritualist performs a will vs will defense roll, with each success causing one damage to the target. For each additional point of health used to cast the spell the caster may add 2 points of damage with the maximum damage equal to the casters Vim.

Misfortune: (Curse)
Cost 1+

The ritualist performs a will vs will defense roll with each success resulting in a penalty to the targets rolls. This curse lasts 1 round at default, with each additional point spent adding an additional round.

Cursing Groups:
The difficulty on the curse is always equal to the highest will in the target group. The group must be either identifiable by location or type. IE: Everyone on the stairwell, or Corvina’s guards, Cat warriors that sort of thing. The difficulty is also increased depending on the size of the group targeted.

2-5 People: +1 Difficulty
5-10 People: +2 Difficulty
10-20 People: +3 Difficulty
20-50 People: +4 Difficulty
50-100 People: +5 Difficulty
100-200 People: +6 Difficulty (so on)

Sense Life
Cost 1 HP

Also at rank 2 an Eternal may preform a ritual to sense life, which alerts the eternal of nearby people or creatures. The caster rolls will and the spell lasts for 10 minutes per success.

Rank 3
As well as cursing, a blood blessing may be done. Like curses these blessings usually have an immediate and tangible effect, protecting against mystical effects, encouraging survival when in question.

The blood ritualist gains the ability to transfer wounds to and from touched targets. The effectiveness of this transfer depends on the resistance and severity of the wound. Usually a partial transfer is completed.

Blood Rituals

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