Aether Sorcery

Campaign Players Setting Rules

An Eternal with Aether sorcery has learned to siphon energy from the Sea of Worlds and use it to create magical effects. An Aether sorcerer stores this energy within a specially created item, which absorbs Aether whenever it is in the sea. Most Aether sorcerer’s find it useful to have rank 2 of tides to have ready access to additional Aether. The effectiveness of an Aether Spell is determined by Will. An Aether artifact will generally hold (4 + Aether rank) spells before needing to be recharged. Generally simple actions such as lifting a small object and moving it to another location do not count as a spell. Spells with ongoing effects generally only use one spell unless the effect is truly long lasting.

Rank 1
At Rank 1 an Aether Sorcerer push or pull, striking people with broad waves of energy. They may also create barriers of energy that can absorb significant damage, and are strong enough to hold people.

Rank 2
The Aether sorcerer may now use much more focused energy, allowing dangerous attacks to be made at significant distances. The Aether Sorcerer may also create an Aether shield about them which will absorb significant damage.

Rank 3
Aether explosions may now be created at target locations, damaging both people and structures. The Aether sorcerer is also able to use her magic to allow her to both hover and fly.

Aether Sorcery

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