Zāto Trabiti

Steampunk assassin

Cunning: 3
Grace: 1
Prowess: 6
Strength: 3
Will: 4
Æther: 2
Blood: 0
Glamor: 0
Tides: 2
Web: 1
Hit Points
3 ¾
Web Vim
Artifact: A rifle of mahogany and brass, powered by glass vacuoles filled with distilled and green-filtered æther. It increases the distance at which Zāto can acquire power from a slain Eternal, provided the rifle contributed to the kill. Rifle damage: 3; Special Warp ammo damage: 2 (2 points)
Sponsor: Thomas, oldest of the Eternals. (1 point)
Status: Citizen of the Eternal City (1 point)
Resources: An island fort in the Ætheric Sea called Montalbán, a personal retreat. It has a Spanish style of architecture and a small staff of servants and guards. The island produces coconuts, dates, and pineapples; it is inhabited by tiny, colorful lizards. (1 point)


Zāto is a girl who prefers the company of a few friends—particularly Mariella—to the bustle of crowds… except where crowds provide a useful distraction to an elision. She never travels without her ætherlock rifle. In places where weapons are prohibited or inconvenient, she breaks it into innocuous components and stores the lot in an ornate case that can slot into a bracket under her cloak. Her costume is a blend of Gothic chic and Industrial punk: a corset; ripped leggings; thick-soled boots; petticoats and a flouncy, knee-length skirt; elbow-length gloves that have been ripped to wrist-length and reinforced with fireproof canvas; several keys of varying sizes—possibly purely decorative—hang from a slip of ribbon woven through large brass belt rings.

Her demeanor is sarcastic and practical, and her humor is wry, but she doesn’t abandon friends, and takes responsibility (to a certain extent) for her actions and their consequences. This last may or may not extend to the alleged destruction of individual worlds, such as the much-lamented (by the Court of Shadows) Vamkoth.

Zāto’s picture (and part of her concept) came from Steampunk Assassin by ~Conceptbloke.

Zāto Trabiti

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