Eternals: The Sea of Worlds

Episode 1: Anomaly

In which a dangerous "Anomaly" threatens the gardens of Dawn City.

The Argent Circle, having heard reports of an Anomaly dispatched Lord Finley as well as Kohl and Nicolette to investigate a reported Anomaly near the City of the Dawn. Unwilling to miss her evening party, Lady Selene the ruler of Dawn City informed the delegation that they could speak with her at the party which took place at the Silver Orchard. Which is a ball room and garden with balcony commonly used for parties, with nothing to do with Orchards.

In addition to several nobles of the city the party was attended by Bellona, Raelyn and Gabriel, all Eternals with close ties to the Eternal City. Magnus, a representative from the Court of Shadows was there as well, though his chattering skull staff was placed in a corner where it could not upset any guests. Ariel, Selene’s daughter was also present, which turned out quite badly for her.

Unlike the vast majority of dinner parties, this one had Dragons. These dragons were not invited, but rather quite rudely interrupted the proceedings. Not traditional dragons, as these were more humanoid, and armed with traditional weapons. Most of the Eternals were unprepared for violence during the event, the Lady Selene usually hosting only civilized parties and found themselves unarmed against the Dragons.

The dragon threat was eventually stopped through the Eternals efforts. The events of the fight are too numerous to catalog in full, but suffice it to say that several dragons were killed, which caused explosions. Bellona “borrowed” Nicollete’s sword for a short period of time, though borrowing may not have been the right word. Gabriel kindly retrieved Magnus’ skull staff from the corner, not wanting his friend to lose such an important item. Several Eternals suffered burns, though none were seriously injured. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of several Eternals, Ariel was kidnapped by the Dragon King (Yes there was a Dragon King, he had a crown) who fled off the balcony. Using a blood ritual Raelyn was able to sense where he went with her, and the surprising information that her quarry had fled into the Aether.

The party goers relocated to Raelyn’s mansion, which was much less burnt than the Silver Orchard having no more Dragon issues than a building usually does within the Dawn City, essentially none. Burns were treated, and theories exchanged. Selene, who with her daughters kidnap was much more curious about this Anomaly, and whatever connection it might have with dragons and people interrupting her party and “requested” that the local Eternals aid in finding her daughter. Raelyn was quick enough to volunteer before being commanded. It was determined that they would leave on the morrow. (

Heading over to Mason Street, which is where Raelyn believed was where the Dragon King had entered the Aether Bellona made a portal out of Dawn City, and then quickly located the Dragon King’s very subtle path. Kohl created a vessel from Aether and set sail in pursuit.

The path reached a nexus and the group entered the world from a distance, finding a desolate and abandoned fortress. Inside the fortress were hundreds of dragon soldier corpses, all apparently victims of a great explosion. In the throne room the Dragon King sat unscorched, with his throat slit. Apparently the explosion came from him, there was no sign of Ariel.

Investigating the other side of the Nexus an Eternal named Victor was found.


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